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120V / 240V 6-circuit, 30 Amp Manual Transfer Switch

120V / 240V 6-circuit, 30 Amp Manual Transfer Switch

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This 6-circuit, 30 Amp manual transfer switch is designed for fast installation (indoors) in a home, office or small business. It is completely pre-wired and enables the electrical system of the building to accept the power of a portable generator to run up to six single-pole circuits and any pair of single-pole circuits can be used as a double-pole circuit. It allows you to power electrical appliances, devices and lighting during a power outage. This transfer switch is completely code compliant and keeps the generator power isolated from the utility power at all times. Circuit breakers are 1 in. interchangeable and can be changed to different sizes and brands that are compatible and within the maximum circuit size ratings.
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Illuminates when switched

The rocker switch of the Transfer Switch illuminates when switched to the G position. This helps you identify which power source you are using. This kit also has its own circuit breaker for added protection for your home’s circuit line and your generator.

Multiple Power Inlet Position

This kit it includes multiple inlet position options along with a 10 Foot 12AWG Power cord. You can select to use the power inlet either on its front, left, or right side.