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Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

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Staying on top of your health is important -- especially between checkups. With this digital monitor, it's easy to keep tabs on your blood pressure from the comfort of your own home. From Homewell Essentials.


  • Includes digital blood pressure monitor, arm band, and 4 AAA batteries
  • Cuff fits arms 8.6" to 16.5"
  • 4" color-coded LCD display
  • Green/yellow/red color scale
  • Systolic, diastolic, and pulse results
  • Two-person memory bank holds 120 readings, 60 per user
  • Memory recall with date/time stamp
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Provides average of last three readings
  • Measures 6.05" x 4.75" x 4.25"
  • Imported
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3 LED Backlight For Better User Experience

The 3 color themed display is base on body temperature.

Green means normal,

Yellow means low Prehypertension, and

Red means hypertension.